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We, periodically, change the links to some of your favorite Music Box tunes so that you can punch in a favorite and listen any time. Just pick the one you want to hear and give a listen and, the best part of all? You can save your nickels, dimes and quarters!

A1: Theme from “A Summer Place” by Percy Faith and his orchestra 

B1: Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe by Wind

C1: Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart by Vera Lynn

D1: The Little Music Box by Skeeter Davis

E1: Money by Richard “Popcorn” Wylie

F1: Let’s Dance by Chris Montez


When the Music Box originally opened in 1946, it was merely a cement slab in the woods, with electricity strung from a nearby Sinclair gas station, to power a jukebox. Patrons paid a nickel for entrance and could punch in their favorite dance tunes as often as they liked through the evening.  To publicize their new teen dance hall, Lee & Shirley Kelly recorded a 78 rpm record that they played over a turntable and loudspeaker system as they drove around Houghton Lake in advance of the grand opening. They offered free “wieners” and a barbecue as part of that opening night attraction. Hear Lee & Shirley Kelly’s original advertisement, just as it was played repeatedly as they drove around Houghton Lake to announce the grand opening of their new teen dance hall: (Click on play button in lower left of sound bar below.)


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